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Our promise

Cameleon HR is a consulting firm in talent acquisition that offers recruitment and headhunting services. Our main objective is to know and understand your preferences, your story and your ambitions, to bring them to life in the projects that we will accomplish together. Partnership is key and essential to the success of our services. We are here to give you the strategies and the tools to achieve your goals without ever distorting your choices.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to find the perfect match between talent and employer. We offer advice to employers to attract, hire and retain the best talent. We offer candidates personalized support to define, research and choose their next career opportunity.

Our values

  • Passion: we are passionate, and we hope it is contagious. Our passion is reflected in our attitude, the ways we collaborate and our methodologies.
  • Aim for quality: we use the rigor, the strategies, the tools throughout the placement process in order to obtain a result that meets your expectations.
  • Authenticity with a capital A: because we do not believe in false promises, we will be transparent throughout the entire process.
  • Better together: we believe that together we can go further when we focus on collaboration, teamwork and diversity.
  • Dare the impossible: we have the courage to take risks and to think outside the box in order to propel ourselves forward.
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Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our services.

As part of our recruiting strategy, I used the services of Marie-Andrée Lévesque when she started her company Caméléon RH. We had the privilege of sharing her passion for talents acquisition in the same time she was creating her business.

Having a junior team in talent acquisition, I wanted to accelerate their development to fill our critical positions. Thanks for her coaching, her recommendations and above all her unconditional commitment to make us succeed. We have redone our brand image to better attract our talents and fill our positions 85% faster.

She was able to help my team increasing their credibility with their internal client.

Thank you Marie Andrée, challenge succeed. The excellence of your work has greatly contributed to raising the skills of my team. I highly recommend her!

Caroline Gagné
Executive Director - Human Resources, Groupe Yellow

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