Camille Bec

Camille Bec


Camille is a quiet force. A caring and optimistic person, she always looks at our candidates with a positive eye, because she really cares about their career progression, and that it’s in line with their values.


From childhood to Cameleon HR: let’s talk about your background

I grew up in the south of France, by the sea. I got my master’s in human resources. Imagine my family’s surprise when, in 2019, I got my WHP so I could explore Canada: “But it’ll be cold, and you hate winter…”. But that wasn’t the worst of it: I arrived the day the Canadian borders closed in March 2020, due to COVID-19… Finding a job became tedious. But I hung in there and was able to do my part as HR support during the pandemic for over a year. I ended up wanting to return to recruitment, with the desire to go back to people being at the core of my work. The Cameleon HR model made the difference to me: despite the cold winter, it warms hearts! And in the end, I love winter!

What is your role at Cameleon HR?

Officially, I am a recruitment advisor: I try to identify the essence of each person in order to propose something that will really suit him or her. That’s why, more unofficially, I translate my role as a smile distributor and potential enhancer.

What makes you passionate about recruitment?

To give a voice to the people I have the chance to interact with and capture the subtleties of their journey and desires. We all need different working conditions and treatment. Some suffer or have suffered in their positions, others enjoy their current position, but remain open to discussion. It is a chance to hear people express themselves, confide in me, and be able to make a difference for them.

What is your definition of a good candidate experience?

Listening, a positive attitude, a follow-up before, during, and after the interview, and an understanding of each person’s potential.

What aspects of your job make you feel proud?

Changing the approach to recruiting: I make sure I always talk to people, not candidates. I look at their background, their bio, or their photo, and I address each one personally as if I were speaking to them in the street, in a café, or in an office.

In a world without recruitment, what would you have done instead?

When I was younger, I wanted to be a speech therapist, but today I would say an Ayurvedic consultant. I rely a lot on self-understanding and self-expression (through words, body, art, etc.) to better develop and feel aligned with our deepest nature.

That’s why caring, support and gentleness are part of my credos in life.

What motto do you live by?

Don’t wait until May to do what you want!