Claudia André

Claudia André

Claudia’s thoughts and calendar are always full of projects. Optimistic, curious and a natural communicator, she is interested in everything from languages to urban planning. It is this curiosity that makes her an asset, both for Cameleon HR and for our candidates and clients.

From childhood to Cameleon HR: let’s talk about your background   

I have always been passionate about many different subjects. It is my divergent interests that made me love the multidisciplinarity of urban planning, the field I studied in my undergraduate degree. It is also what makes me love recruitment. I am always learning more about the different fields for which I recruit, the different companies, and people’s different backgrounds.

I also have an interest in everything that has to do with interpersonal relations. I studied languages in CEGEP, among other things, to be able to connect with more people.

What is your role at Cameleon HR?

At Cameleon HR, I focus primarily on finding candidates. My role is to understand the market and the competitors and identify where the talent is. I spend a lot of time writing personalized approaches to candidates. Each approach has to be unique to grab their attention.

What makes you passionate about recruitment?

I love learning about everyone’s different backgrounds, even more so when I can find them a position in what they are passionate about! It’s second nature for me to start conversations and interact with people.

What is your definition of a good candidate experience?

Honest conversations that lead to a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction on both sides. I value respect and listening. It’s not easy to make the leap into a new professional experience, so my role is to make the process as pleasant as possible for everyone!

In a world without recruitment, what would you have done instead?

I would work in another field in close contact with clients. I like to try my hand at everything, so who knows where life would take me!

What motto do you live by?

The important thing is to be happy.