Frédérique Lagacé-Ouimet


While pursuing my studies in career development, I joined Cameleon RH as a talent acquisition advisor in September 2020.

Passionate about people, culture, customer service, I am curious to understand the different professional ambitions of the candidates I meet to ensure that I make good matches with the different clients with whom we work.

My goal: take the time to get to know people well but above all build good relationships. I am cheerful by nature, always attentive and available. I like to bring new ideas, find out of the ordinary solutions and be creative.

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438 520-5837

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As part of our recruiting strategy, I used the services of Marie-Andrée Lévesque when she started her company Caméléon RH. We had the privilege of sharing her passion for talents acquisition in the same time she was creating her business.

Having a junior team in talent acquisition, I wanted to accelerate their development to fill our critical positions. Thanks for her coaching, her recommendations and above all her unconditional commitment to make us succeed. We have redone our brand image to better attract our talents and fill our positions 85% faster.

She was able to help my team increasing their credibility with their internal client.

Thank you Marie Andrée, challenge succeed. The excellence of your work has greatly contributed to raising the skills of my team. I highly recommend her!

Caroline Gagné
Executive Director - Human Resources, Groupe Yellow