Liane Landry

Liane Landry


Liane got the bug for HR after a varied professional career. Open, frank and committed, she does her job to change people’s lives, nothing less!

From childhood to Cameleon HR: let’s talk about your background

It’s been a long road! It hasn’t been a straight line for me. I completed a Bachelor of Modern Languages at McGill University to learn English. I worked for a while and discovered HR through a co-worker who invited me to come see her office at her new job as HR Director at the Ritz. And that’s when my destiny changed! I said to myself “This is what I want to do in life”. So I went back to school to get a certificate in HR and an MBA in HR, which I completed in 1996.

One day, after working in various IT companies, I decided to become a consultant. That was 3 years ago.

As I was looking for a new client to solidify my status as a consultant, I responded to a posting for a recruiter role: I offered my services. The owner of the agency asked me to meet her in a café: it was Marie-Andrée. Right away, it was as if I’d known her for a long time. We’ve been working together ever since, over 2 years. Thank you, fate, for this beautiful gift.

What is your role at Cameleon HR?

I am primarily a recruiter for Cameleon HR. Recently, I have been coordinating a small team and acting as a liaison with the client. I love it.

What makes you passionate about recruitment?

Changing lives and helping clients succeed in their mission.

What is your definition of a good candidate experience?

We do this job to fill positions; we can easily forget that behind the resumes, there are people we must respect. It’s important to follow up with them, and to take the necessary time.

What aspects of your job make you feel proud?

Making offers, of course, but also when candidates call me back to say thank you.

In a world without recruitment, what would you have done instead?

Something related to the natural sciences. I was also interested in marketing.

What motto do you live by?

Be better and always challenge yourself.