Marie-Andrée LévesquePresident

Areas of expertise
  • Optimize talent acquisition process and tools
  • Create a Wow Factor Candidate and Employee experience
  • Design sourcing and HR marketing strategies
  • Deliver training, coaching and workshop leadership
  • Design and implement onboarding process
  • Master’s Degree – Organizational Development – Laval University
  • Bachelor’s Degree – Business – UQAM
  • Bilingual – English and French

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Marie-Andrée is the heart and mind behind Cameleon HR. Bold and ambitious, but also empathetic and sensitive, she is a leader who believes in collaboration and having fun in everything she does.

From childhood to Cameleon HR: let’s talk about your background

Almost 15 years ago, I fell into the recruitment business by chance. Back in Quebec after a long trip, I got a job at a recruitment agency and I was hooked. Finding a rare pearl is my passion. I like to think that every hire is a story worth telling! Since then, I have navigated through all types of recruiting and managed teams on a global level.

In 2020, I decided that this new decade was the perfect time for me to share this passion with as many employers as possible. That’s when I launched Cameleon HR.

My desire is to have a positive impact on recruitment or job searches, without distorting the colors that define both our clients and our candidates. I like to think outside the box, and I am known for my authenticity. It is each individual’s authenticity that I want to connect with.

I strongly believe that everyone can be happy at work. To achieve this, it is our role to understand the culture of the companies we work with, and to listen carefully to the needs of the candidates we meet.

What is your role at Cameleon HR?

I am the head of the company, so I have both a strategic role and a leadership role for my team.

I have a lot of ambition for Cameleon HR, I want us to stand out. I want to take the company even further by offering services that are always at the forefront of best practices while ensuring the satisfaction of our clients. At the same time, I place great importance on developing my team’s talents. My objective is that everyone working for us is happy. I like to give people space and let them take on different projects. We also invest a lot in company culture and team building.

What makes you passionate about recruitment?

Meeting people who share a part of their history with me. Helping them find the perfect opportunity that fits their values and colors is what really excites me. I also love knowing that my team and I are making a difference, both for the candidate and the recruiter. Knowing that, thanks to us, companies and their managers are making recruitment better and better, one hire at a time.

 What is your definition of a good candidate experience?

We work with people. Therefore, establishing a relationship with the candidate is vital. We must take the time to get to know them, their interests, their passions and who they are. Depending on their needs, we can help them position themselves in their career and make the right choices. When we know the candidate’s personal and professional motivations, we can present them with offers that fit perfectly with their personality and aspirations.

What aspects of your job make you feel proud?

My team is what makes me most proud! They are all people who want to make a difference, whether it’s on the team, with candidates or with companies. I’m very lucky!

I also pride myself on helping my clients achieve their goals. Building relationships that generate real discussions. And being creative in the solutions I provide and proposing new ways of recruiting. Seeing the evolution of my company and the clients we work with. In short, there are many things that make me proud!

In a world without recruitment, what would you have done instead?

Recruitment is what I’m passionate about! I founded Cameleon HR to make a living from my passion.

What motto do you live by?

The only limit we have… is ourselves.

Need more information?

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our services.

As part of our recruiting strategy, I used the services of Marie-Andrée Lévesque when she started her company Caméléon RH. We had the privilege of sharing her passion for talents acquisition in the same time she was creating her business.

Having a junior team in talent acquisition, I wanted to accelerate their development to fill our critical positions. Thanks for her coaching, her recommendations and above all her unconditional commitment to make us succeed. We have redone our brand image to better attract our talents and fill our positions 85% faster.

She was able to help my team increasing their credibility with their internal client.

Thank you Marie Andrée, challenge succeed. The excellence of your work has greatly contributed to raising the skills of my team. I highly recommend her!

Caroline Gagné
Executive Director - Human Resources, Groupe Yellow