Serge Fortin

Serge Fortin


Serge is very passionate about HR. It’s not surprising that he came back as a consultant a few years after his retirement! He is passionate not only about human relations but also about music, reading, and travel.

From childhood to Cameleon HR: let’s talk about your background

I grew up in Montreal, a city I have always loved. I was raised in a family where music was very important. My mother was an excellent pianist, she could easily have made a career out of it. I owe her my appreciation for Chopin, Beethoven and all the other composers. I went to school in Montreal. After college, I decided to go to the University of Montreal to study Industrial Relations. I worked in three different companies throughout my career, until my retirement in 2013.

Since I still enjoy working, I continued as an HR consultant. A friend told me about Cameleon HR and it was love at first sight. I wanted to be part of this dynamic team where the quality of the relationship is at the heart of the approach.

What is your role at Cameleon HR?

I am a talent acquisition advisor. In today’s working world, I help companies facing a labor shortage fill their vacancies while guiding candidates in their career path to find the job they aspire to have.

What makes you passionate about recruitment?

It’s about establishing the relationship between a person who is looking to make a career change and a company that is desperately trying to find the right person. It’s like golf: every shot we hit gets us closer to the green, but the hole-in-one is often a lucky shot!

What is your definition of a good candidate experience?

The candidate must feel confident since they are putting their career in our hands. We owe them respect and support in their decision-making, but above all, we must be available, answer their questions, and anticipate problems by being prepared.

What aspects of your job make you feel proud?

Succeeding in setting the groundwork for a future business relationship between the company and the candidate. But I must admit that I love when the candidate tells me, at the very end of the process, that they couldn’t have done it without me.

In a world without recruitment, what would you have done instead?

I would be an anthropologist. I love people and especially what they have built over the millennia.

What motto do you live by?

Life is like the metro, when the doors open, you have to get in quickly.