We support you throughout different talent acquisition projects. Our mandate is to help you implement the right strategies that highlight your preferences, your values and your employer branding in order to attract the best talents to your organization.

We are confident that we can help alleviate the burden caused by the market’s current labour shortage.

Cameleon HR offers three types of services for employers:

Talent Acquisition Consulting Services

Talent Acquisition Consulting Services

Diagnostic and action planning to optimize the talent acquisition process.

  • Execute a diagnosis in order to get insight and data about the impact and efficiency of the talent acquisition process.
  • Assess the maturity of different components of the recruiting process, with scorecards to help identify the gaps compared to the desired situation.
  • Present results to business leaders in order to discuss specific issues, potential solutions and prioritize initiatives aligned with the strategic objectives of the organization.
  • Implement solutions and follow an action plan.
  • Measure progress with defined key operational indicators.
  • Review the improvement process journey.

Developing talent attraction and HR marketing strategies.

  • Define the different personas within your organization.
  • Present workshops to develop the storytelling of your organization.
  • Review, define and implement inbound and outbound strategies.
  • Write readable and effective job descriptions.
  • Design sourcing strategies.
  • Define a memorable candidate experience = Create a WOW effect!

Define and develop an on-boarding process specific to your company’s values.

  • Execute a diagnosis of the actual on-boarding process and pinpoint gaps, issues and improvement areas.
  • Design an on-boarding process that matches your business needs.

Talent Acquisition Training Courses

We offer various training sessions that can be adapted to your specific needs, such as:

1-Best Recruiting Practices – Be better than your competition

Objective: Share best recruiting practices to standardize the recruiting process and make sure you have a fair assessment of each candidate to make the best hiring decisions.

Some of the topics that will be covered during this training:

  • Fun facts about recruiting and employment market
  • Best in class recruiting process (from the intake session up to the offer)
  • Candidate experience – Wow effect
  • Have the proper storytelling, the right job description and HR Marketing
  • Be prepared for your interview – Have the right questions to ask
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Know your own biases and how to overcome them – Bring diversity to your team
  • How to close your offers.

2-Be the Master of Sourcing

Objective: Make sure that there are no secrets anymore with sourcing talent.

Some of the topics that will be covered during this training:

  • Differences between sourcing and recruiting
  • Intake session with hiring managers
  • Define and design the right sourcing strategies
  • Importance of storytelling
  • Sourcing Tools and Boolean searches
  • Creative and attractive InMail
  • Have the right candidate experience
  • How to manage the first call – be persuasive!

Headhunting and Sourcing

Headhunting and Sourcing

We can help you to analyze and identify your exact recruiting needs and find the matching talent that will be a perfect fit with your company.

We believe in happiness at work, and this essentially involves a good match between the right role, the right culture and the right team fit.

We want to offer an environment that will be stimulating for the candidate and make sure that the employer gets a return on their investment.

We use an agile methodology  

  • Intake analysis with the employer and hiring manager to define the need and the appropriate talent acquisition strategy:
    • Map all key competencies and targeted sourcing companies
    • Present matching profiles for validation
    • Plan the next sprint to discuss pre-selected candidates
  • Pre-screening and interview of candidates
  • Present selection of potential candidates to the employer during sprint using comparative grids.
  • Customer interview – with or without our support
  • Background check
  • Negotiation of the employment offer.

Sourcing strategies

We offer sourcing services to help you build a pipeline of potential candidates through different social media platforms. The pipeline of candidates and the results of the searches will be yours. Our role will be to:

  • Define the need: local, national or international
  • Manage the intake session
  • Map all key competencies and targeted sourcing companies
  • Source the candidates and create the pipeline.

If needed, we will also do a first pre-screening of the candidate and highlight those who have the right skillsets and culture fits with your organization.

Need more information?

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our services.

As part of our recruiting strategy, I used the services of Marie-Andrée Lévesque when she started her company Caméléon RH. We had the privilege of sharing her passion for talents acquisition in the same time she was creating her business.

Having a junior team in talent acquisition, I wanted to accelerate their development to fill our critical positions. Thanks for her coaching, her recommendations and above all her unconditional commitment to make us succeed. We have redone our brand image to better attract our talents and fill our positions 85% faster.

She was able to help my team increasing their credibility with their internal client.

Thank you Marie Andrée, challenge succeed. The excellence of your work has greatly contributed to raising the skills of my team. I highly recommend her!

Caroline Gagné
Executive Director - Human Resources, Groupe Yellow

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